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GeneVentiv Therapeutics is a pre-clinical gene therapy company focused on blood diseases and disorders.  Our lead program, GENV-HEM, is the first durable and universal gene therapy treatment for Hemophilia A and B with or without inhibitors.  GENV-HEM has received Orphan Drug Designation from the FDA and a Letter of Support from the National Hemophilia Foundation.   GeneVentiv is advancing an additional gene therapy for Hemophilia Arthropathy, a degenerative joint disease afflicting roughly 50% of patients with hemophilia.

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Competitor’s AAV based gene therapies for hemophilia A have failed to demonstrate the lifetime durability and none of the hemophilia A or B gene therapies can treat patients with inhibitors (up to 30% of patients).  Gene therapies in development to treat hemophilia A express clotting Factor VIII, which is not natively expressed in hepatocytes targeted by gene therapy.  This non-native expression can lead to accumulation of misfolded protein, cell death and loss of expression.


Native expression of FVa gives us durability vs. FVIII, making us the first durable, universal gene therapy for all types of hemophilia (hemophilia A and B) and the first AAV based gene therapy that can treat patients with inhibitors.