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GeneVentiv Therapeutics is developing the first effective gene therapy for Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B with or without inhibitors.  Patients with inhibitors are unable to respond to current therapies and gene therapies in development due to neutralizing antibodies (inhibitors) formed by the body in response to treatment with their missing clotting factor.

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Until now Hemophilia A and B patients received infusions of the respective clotting factor their bodies didn’t produce. Over one in three patient’s immune systems will recognize the clotting factor as foreign and develop an immune response, resulting in inhibitor formation and complications from the disease. Current gene therapies in development are only for patients with no history of inhibitors and work for either Hemophilia A or Hemophilia B, but not both. This leaves patients with inhibitors no gene therapy treatment option and presents a risk of future inhibitor formation for those patients with no prior history.

Everyone makes activated clotting Factor V (FVa), which is part of a common pathway in the clotting cascade. Our approach utilizes cells in the body to increase FVa production, restoring normal clotting without the need for Factor VIII or Factor IX. Since the body already makes Factor Va, there is a minimal risk of developing inhibitors

With a single infusion or injection, we can teach the body how to make healthy proteins required to impact the disease.

Our first gene therapy product candidate is for hemophilia A and B, with or without inhibitors.